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DEFAULT SYSTEM TEMPLATE -all links and references - support and whiteists
LIVEThe main concept of SuperGoopal is Input, Edit & Ouput! You don't need to be technical to design and create a cloud system.

Using Collaborative resources Lists to plan, design & create systems.

Make your own SuperUserList and suggest systems for automating your ideas.

Create a copy! SuperUserList Example.

LIVESuggest system for Discussion colllaboration - or data , web or cloud resources for output systems. .ie dates to calendar

Suggestions are Publicly shared with the community - The SuperUser system will be used for private projects. More SuperUser features coming soon in a SuperUser Preview. Join SuperGoopal Google+ Page and Google+ Community for full preview of the SuperCommunity / SuperUser -
These community pages are an important part of the SuperCommunity system. All terms and conditions apply. Contact SuperGoopal for more information.

Join the SuperGoopal Community for more discussions on Super Cloud Systems

'Input' (Code) Demo:

The following is a demonstration of code snippets for editing directly in a cloud system.
Most Systems require a wide variety of elements, so having a large selection of resources to choose from, is a good starting point for a potentialy great system.

A 'Input' (Code) Resource List.
An 'Edit' view [HTML Editor & Preview].
An 'Output' System Template.

ie. LOAD / PASTE code first, jquery, css html5 ETC.. into EDIT and preview in CAJA - Google Apps Script testing and Google sites compatibility tests.

....again for the Sites Preview ....LOAD / PASTE code first